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Various: Robot Pop Volume 1 (TEMPEST31)

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Robot Pop,Electro,Tempest

 Various Artists: Robot Pop Records Volume 1 (TEMPEST31)

Get a bunch of electro geeks together. Get them a bunch of synths, laptops, and electronic drum kits. Put them up on a stage. Put on a party. Invite every god damn electro lover in the world to get down, party hard, and do the robot to the biggest, loudest, and ugliest mash of electronic gear the world has ever seen! And while we're at it, lets make some CDs.
This is Robot Pop Records.
Released in partnership with Tempest Recordings, Robot Pop Volume One features the cream of Australia’s emerging electro underground.

01 The Greenmatics: I Love Technology
02 So Many Voices: Entwined
03 Tronikelesch VS Sonic And Boom: Fuck You
04 Roco Bop: Plasma
05 Rip-Lee: Sulaco
06 Sonic And Boom: Beat Freak
07 Back Back Forward Punch: What Do We Do? (Sonic And Boom Remix)
08 Philosophy Of Sound: It Is Like That (Sonic And Boom Remix)
09 Paqman: Popsicles & Futons
10 Treeboi & Kone: Game, Boy!
11 The Bytonics: The Last Supper
12 Sonic And Boom: Blood Pumping
13 Stickleback: Nubian (Roco Bop Remix)
14 Red Eye Express: Citizen Kane (Tronikelesch Remix)
15 Tronikelesch: Checkpoints





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